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We're The Escapism Project, a small group of friends with a mutual passion for the themed entertainment industry! We're all about bringing the community together with a plethora of theme park related matters- whether that's discussing fan favourite rides, reminiscing over terrific trips, digging deep into how certain attractions work, or simply making you smile- The Escapism Project has something for everyone.

Whilst most sites focus on endless growth and trying to cover everything, we're all about having fun; we're doing this for enjoyment and to strengthen friendships above all else! It's always exciting to see follower numbers grow, but we'd much rather do this because it makes us happy sharing our perspective with the world. 

If you're wanting some headlines, our dedicated News section is the place to head, where we'll be sharing relevant pieces as and when they come.

When we share new News, we might share it on our Twitter page, so if you're wanting updates asap, take a short flight over there.

The Features section... features all sorts, from reviews to analyses. It's kind of like a market, albeit with rides instead of fruit and veg.

Want to time travel but you don't have a Delorean? Well, you can turn back time with our Heritage section, which showcases all sorts of artefacts from theme parks, including postcards and guide books that date back nine decades!

We're most active over on our Instagram page, where we'll often share pictures of theme parks across Europe with a particularly playful caption. If it's ride pics you're after; we've got it. Maybe it's smaller details instead? Don't worry, we've got you covered as well! Our produce varies a lot from post to post, so you'll be sure to see something you like.

We pride ourselves on producing only the best† content, and so we are incredibly proud to present Jeff Reviews: from The Ultimate Enthusiast™. Jeff has ridden more than three coasters in at least two countries, and accepts nothing but the best† in terms of experience; Jeff has created the coveted Seal* of Approval award to be bestowed upon only the best† rides. You can read Jeff's reviews to find out who is worthy of this noble award!
subject to terms and conditions
*not actually a seal

In the future, we're hoping to expand our site with a Blog page, plus a plethora of extra gubbins. We're unsure of when they'll be ready, so we'd recommend popping back to see those later on if you're interested. But don't worry, we aren't going to flog you an expensive Annual Pass for the pleasure!

We try to keep things simple with the legal stuff, but if you want to know more, you can find out here.

Officially, we don't really see ourselves as a "team", more a small group of friends having a good time. As such, we don't have official "roles" - just a cuddly collective. We play off each other strengths to create something we're proud of; everyone does what they do because they want to. We also have lots of beautiful pets.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site!

The ultimate enthusiast, Jeff knows what is a rollercoaster and what isn't.
I'm not a cat.
Nobody knows who, what, where, when or why Spooks came into existence, but it was almost certainly caused by something sinister.
I enjoy taking photos of skylines and coasters, especially if I can ride the skyride to the coasters
Hi, I love indoor Vekomas and occasionally bake cookies